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Customers Come First

At the core of what we do is our commitment to always put our customers first. We listen to each of their needs because we believe it’s the first step in helping them.

Provide the Best Value

We are ranked among the best in class for solar installation. Having a competent and reliable service team to do it right the first time safeguards your investment.

Do What We Say

We ensure our products and services live up to our promises. We lead the industry and back up our commitment with our 25-Year Business Warranty.

About Eco Green

Eco Green, Inc. designs and installs photovoltaic solar systems for a variety of residential, commercial, agricultural and municipal customers. These solar systems offer our clients the peace of mind that they are using a cleaner source of energy while putting money back into their pockets.

With more than 30 years of experience servicing consumers and businesses alike, we knew the future of energy production would be in renewable energy sources. That’s why Eco Green sought out to shift the paradigm of how energy should be distributed to everyone. In order to do this better than anyone else in the industry, Eco Green integrated innovation with unmatched experience and service- to stake our place as the industry’s best value provider.

Going Solar is Simple

We admit it, we love the sun. The sun is an awesome resource for power and we want to help everyone take their power back by lessening their reliance on the utilities. Eco Green believes that anyone can become their own power company by simply producing their own electricity for their home or business use.

Our design team works diligently with you to design a custom solution that best services your unique needs. Eco Green understands there is no “one size fits all” solar solution, so we pride ourselves on taking the extra time to design the best solar package and financing option to fit your goals and your budget. From inception to completion on every project, our NABCEP credentialed and state certified electricians work to deliver on all of our commitments.

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