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Solar energy has come a long way since inception, along with it innovation and efficiencies in how solar energy systems are produced, installed, and maintained. The industrialization of the global economy has compelled our governments to provide sustainable incentives to lessen our reliance on non-sustainable energy.

The Cost of Fact


Eco Green provides you with a no-obligation and FREE solar evaluation. This is the work our team performs to assess your property’s ability to produce solar and how it will offset your cost of owning solar. Most homeowners find a free solar evaluation is well worth it!

The Cost of Getting


Did you know you can get started with your solar solution for $0 down with the numerous financing options we find for you? In addition, Eco Green will advance your rebate check so you don’t have to wait for the government to issue you one.

The Cost of Running Solar


Through the financing programs we connect you to, you will enjoy packages such as 12 Months No Interest, No Payment and solar financing rates as low as 2.99 percent. Many homeowners have their system pay for itself within 5-7 years. While you are producing solar, the money you save and credit you receive back is likely to offset your monthly utility payment each month.

For illustrative purposes, the chart below shows what many of our solar customers experience. Each case is different based upon actual energy usage, the solar system’s ability to produce enough solar to offset the costs, as well as the financing option you select. Contact Eco Green today to get a free solar evaluation!